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June 17 - 29, 2008
11:00-20:00 (last day -17:00)

This exhibition will show works by prospective 6 artists about the same age.
Their works' common characteristic, girlish factor will be extracted and blended.
However, their unique works will be not blended easily and will show the diversification of expression in contemporary society, and will bring out a hint of women artists' great success.

Lisa Kohno, Kiyomi Sato, Tomomi Yoshizawa and Mako Watanabe will show two-dementional works
Lisa Kohno expresses straight fragility of girls, conversely Kiyomi Sato sprinkles symbols to keep her emations under discipline. Tomomi Yoshizawa expresses approach to her theme based on her well-depiction, and also Mako Watanabe's girly interpretation of the world will attract us.

Takako Okumura and Sakie Takasu will show three-dementional works.
Both Takako Okumura and Sakie Takasu are good at futuristic installation, but they look at own concept along the theme "GIRLISH BLENDS" this time.

We hope you wil have an oppotunity to see this new-work-centric exhibition "GIRLISH BLENDS"

Takako Okumura, Lisa Kohno, Kiyomi Sato, Sakie Takasu, Tomomi Yoshizawa, Mako Watanabe

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June 17 - 29, 2008
11:00-20:00 (last day -17:00)
designed by: bambinart promotion
Venue: gallery ni modo
5-23-3 Jungumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001
TEL/FAX: 03-3407-2623